"Subcontractors, vendors and suppliers are an important part of our new business pursuits..."

CCG values its relationships with high quality subcontractors, vendors and suppliers. They are an important part of our new business pursuits.  One of CCG’s goals is to create an atmosphere of success for our subcontractor partners - whether a hard bid or negotiated process. Our team provides scopes of work for subcontractors use in bidding and during negotiated project pursuits, actively involve our subcontractors to increase the value that CCG adds. 

CCG believes in creating a productive working environment at the jobsite to foster optimal production. Our construction sites are meticulously  supervised, kept clean and safe and our subcontractors' efforts are supported by timely payments. 

CCG’s team and its Principals, host meet and greet sessions with new and existing subcontractors to initiate strong working relationships and share industry insight and best practices. We also seek to incentivize our subcontractor partner’s performance and hold “thank you lunch sessions” for our stellar performers. 

If your company is interested in becoming one of our valued subcontractor partners, please complete the form on the left and submit it to our office. We appreciate your interest in doing business with CCG, and will endeavor to respond to you as quickly as possible and look forward to meeting with you.

Thank you!